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Financial Statement Analysis for Nonprofit Professionals

“Feeling like an Amateur CFO – Finance fundamentals for Non-Finance Professionals.”

Are you being called upon to quantify results and […]

Funding Your Company’s Future

“The process of raising money can be overwhelming. Learn about innovative financing tactics to raise capital for your business.”

Determining […]

Franchise Funding

“Franchisor’s sell more franchises if they’ve solved the financing question.”

Access to Capital

“Knowing what the lending landscape looks like.”

Nonprofit’s Financials

“The Board expects sound financial information – Nonprofit or not: A look at how to get there.”

Financial reporting at […]

Practical Application of a Business Plan

Practical Application of a Business Plan

“It’s a case of what best can be described as “professional” lender meets “amateur” […]

Financing Your Business

“Don’t ask for a loan – shop for a loan."

Today’s Lending Market

“How to survive and thrive in the new ‘banking’ era."