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<b>Dave Horning</b>
Dave HorningSenior Analyst

Mr. Horning is proud to be a member of the Basic Business Concepts team.  Mr. Horning has been involved in business development with GBQ Consulting, Ashland Chemical and the DuPont Company.  His focus is on working with entrepreneurs on business development, corporate planning and government relations. 

Mr. Horning has over twenty-two years experience in merger-acquisition consulting and strategic business planning.  Successful experiences have included positions at two Fortune 50 corporations, business development, turnaround of distressed organizations, and ownership of a multimillion-dollar chemical corporation, which he successfully sold to Ashland Chemical.

Since 1986, Mr. Horning has been active as a business consultant for a wide range of middle-market companies.  His strong finance and accounting background combined with his experience in marketing, environmental issues, and organizational development strategies allow his clients to achieve their goals.

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Over 30 years of executive management and business consulting experience.  Has extensive experience in finance and accounting, technical operations, government relations and merger-acquisition consulting.  Experience includes positions with two Fortune 50 corporations, turnaround of distressed organizations, and ownership of a chemical distribution company based in Ohio.  Has significant experience in business development activities, including strategic expansion projects of Fortune 50 Corporations and ground level start-ups of new companies. Experienced in developing intellectual property assets for several clients.