Cash Flow

“Using the Balance Sheet to unlock the secrets of a business cash flow”

Cash Flow

"Managing Your Business in an Adverse Economy"

Alternative Sources of Financing

“When traditional sources say “NO” – consider alternative sources of funding.”

What is alternative financing?
Why should businesses consider alternative financing?
What […]

Business Development Versus Sales

“There is a difference between selling and business development.”

Consulting Business

“You’re a successful professional, but are you a business?”

Credit Crunch

“When the availability of credit doesn’t seem so available.”

Financial Statement Analysis for Nonprofit Professionals

“Feeling like an Amateur CFO – Finance fundamentals for Non-Finance Professionals.”

Are you being called upon to quantify results and […]

Funding Your Company’s Future

“The process of raising money can be overwhelming. Learn about innovative financing tactics to raise capital for your business.”

Determining […]

Franchise Funding

“Franchisor’s sell more franchises if they’ve solved the financing question.”

Access to Capital

“Knowing what the lending landscape looks like.”