Impatiently Waiting for Patient Capital

Impatiently Waiting for Patient Capital – article“Equity based crowd funding is an efficient alternative funding”

Do you need capital?
Are you […]

Preparing a Business for Sale

“Preparing a business for sale or transfer of ownership”

Business Expansion

“Plan for growth as carefully as you planned for your initial startup”

Buying and Selling Businesses

“The basics for buying or selling a business”

Sales, Profits & Shifting Markets

“Sales, more sales, better salesmen… WAIT… Do you want sales or profit?”

Why sales don’t always equal profit
Why adding more […]

Cash Flow

“Using the Balance Sheet to unlock the secrets of a business cash flow”

Cash Flow

"Managing Your Business in an Adverse Economy"

Alternative Sources of Financing

“When traditional sources say “NO” – consider alternative sources of funding.”

What is alternative financing?
Why should businesses consider alternative financing?
What […]

Business Development Versus Sales

“There is a difference between selling and business development.”

Consulting Business

“You’re a successful professional, but are you a business?”