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<b>Barbara Bissett Kitchen</b>
Barbara Bissett KitchenSenior Analyst
Barbara Bissett Kitchen is an experienced entrepreneur, with 40 years of work history in the steel industry in Northeast Ohio. In her role as owner of two small companies, she has gained broad experience in most areas of business, including finance, sales and marketing, operations, manufacturing and quality control processes. Barbara has extensive volunteer experience in Strategic Planning for small business and enthusiastically supports entrepreneurship and small business through advocacy and volunteering.

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My Experience

Her career in the steel industry began in 1977 when she started work as an inside sales representative at The Bissett Steel Company, owned by her father.  Working in a family business environment gave her opportunities to explore many diverse interests in the business; from accounting, purchasing and inventory management to sales and marketing. This wide range of work opportunity positioned her well to succeed her father as president and owner in 1988.  She successfully added many improved business systems and protocols, which supported the growth of sales and staff for the company. 

In 1995, Barbara started a new business to complement the product lines held in Bissett Steel.   Synergy Grinding was formed to provide centerless grinding services for bar and tube products.  This manufacturing company was a logical progression for her entrepreneurial talent and provided Bissett Steel with higher quality products, reliably sourced.    

Barbara has many years of volunteer experience as a mentor in the Strategic Planning Program (SPC 30.com) in northeast Ohio and has coached many companies through the process of breaking down and rebuilding the components of their companies with a strategic roadmap focused on business growth and development goals. 

Barbara has been involved as a volunteer and a board member on many not-for profit organizations in support of her industry and small business, including the Metals Service Center Institute (Chicago), the Greater Cleveland Partnership  and The Counsel of Smaller Enterprises (Cleveland).