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<strong>Larry Nannis</strong>
Larry NannisSenior Analyst
Larry Nannis, with 47 years of experience as a CPA, has made it his life’s work to provide financial management and tax advice to entrepreneurial companies and their owners at all levels of the growth curve. His areas of expertise include preparation of Financial Statements, understanding the tax code, and understanding the cost principles under the Federal Acquisition Regulations As an owner of Katz, Nannis & Solomon, P.C, Larry also provided these services to high net-worth individuals.

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My Experience
Larry has worked with companies that receive their Research and Development funding from the government, thereby adding the skill of negotiating government R&D contracts and grants to his list of expertise.

Larry is a trustee at National Small Business Association and a past Chairman of the Board of Trustees at National Small Business Association. These positions of advocacy for the small business owner have given Larry the opportunity to educate Congress and the Administrations on how legislative and regulatory issues impact small businesses in their efforts to successfully grow their companies and generate employment.